In the Elation Press Studio

Elation Press has hand-selected the best equipment to serve your printing needs, and provides the highest quality finished products and experience. Elation Press utilizes modern technology to enhance old-tyme techniques for impressive pieces.

Relax and let your dreams be fulfilled

When visiting Elation Press, our clients are ushered into our exceptional studio, which features vintage print-shop aesthetics. Don’t let the décor fool you, though — we have all the modern conveniences to make your stay a pleasure and ensure that your project is completed perfectly. While discussing your project with our consultants you can take advantage of our coffee/expresso/latte center, or perhaps a glass of chilled Chardonnay or an excellent Cabernet. Our guests’ satisfaction is of highest priority, and we like to start with your comfort.

Our Equipment is Superior

Quality of equipment is key when producing intricate printed materials, and we guarantee the excellence of our tools and machinery. Our top-of-the-line Apple workstations and digital printing equipment ensure that our consultants have the best possible working environment to create your projects. In addition to these modern technologies, Elation Press possesses exceptional letterpress machinery that will bring life to any project. Each piece of equipment in our studio was chosen for a specific purpose. Here are just a few of the presses that Elation Press utilizes:

Vandercook Universal III

The Universal III press is an excellent machine for shorter runs. The Vandercook’s automatic inking and and gripper alignment make it a highly accurate press. It also allows us to produce large printed sheets such as posters.

Heidelberg Windmill

Heidelberg machines are not only incredibly well built (think German engineering a la Porsche or BMW), they are highly accurate and durable. The Windmill is extremely versatile, and is capable of printing on a broad array of paper stocks with precision.

Heidelberg Cylinder KSB

The KSB offers the densest and greatest ink coverage of all Heidelberg machines. It can cover a large space without sacrificing the print quality. The KSB provides incredible impressions and is highly accurate when doing runs with more than one color.

Cronite High Speed Die Stamping Press (Engraving Press)

The Cronite 5″ x 9″ High Speed die stamping press is the elite engraving press offering immense impressional strength and speed.

Chandler & Price New Style

The wide and sturdy New Style was created as an improvement on an existing press Chandler & Price produced. Like the Vandercook it is a hand fed press which allows versatility in how we set up your project on the press.

Thanks to the variety of presses and equipment in our studio, we are capable of providing an array of finishing services (including bindery, foil stamping, embossing and more), as well as both digital and offset printing.

In addition to the presses, Elation has Hamilton Double Type and Spacer cabinets, wood type and foundry collections, and a Jet A2+ Photopolymer Plate Maker to bring every letterpress dream to life.