We had a lot of fun making Sue’s foil stamped black and gold birthday invitations!

The contrast between the matte black of the card and the bright and shiny gold of the foil really makes this lovely invite stand out.

We also designed a cute matching black envelope with polka-dotted gold inlay for it all to be packaged up in!

Birthday Invitations

Die Cut & Letterpress Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations

Check out these exquisite holiday cocktail party invitations! This beautiful two color gold and silver piece was made using a combination of letterpress and die cutting. The thickness of the paper used ( Crane’s Lettra 220 lb. c ) also really helps to make this cocktail party invitation feel important and special.

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Max’s Golf Themed Foil Stamped Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Take a look at Max’s fun and sporty golf themed foil Bar Mitzvah invitations!

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Crane Lettra Escort Card Envelopes

Designers and event planners love these luxurious escort card envelopes that we create out of Crane’s Lettra 110#c.    Perfect compliment to high end event.    

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Phelps Letterpress Christmas Card

Take a look at these custom letterpress Christmas cards that we made for the Phelps’. These cards were made using a digitally printed photograph and then we used a letterpress to create the wreath and text. Theres really nothing better than family photos and old fashioned letterpress to really bring out the holiday cheer.

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Four Color Letterpress Bat Mitzvah Custom Party Invitation

Fun four color letterpress Bat Mitzvah party invitation on Crane’s Lettra 110# C. This invitation required for passes (one for each color) with exacting registration. The finished invitation was mounted on Savanna Tindalo by Gmund which was letterpress scored/creased to create a booklet. The invite was adorned with a four color tag to match the […]

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The Mercer Families Foil Stamped + Letterpress Holiday Party Invites

These letterpress holiday party invitations perfectly capture the feeling of the holidays from their chilly cool blue on white type, to the silvery foil of the snowflakes and text. Everything about this card makes me think about all my chilly winter nights, and the family and friends that I spent them with.

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Happy Holidays Card Gold Foil & Edge Painted

These pretty christmas cards are printed entirely by using glittery gold foil stamping and were then edge painted with a lustrous velvety red ink in order to give them a really unique look.

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